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Protect Yourself

Protect yourself from an unpleasant pool-building experience.

At McClure Pools, we want you to know as much as you can about buying a pool before you sign any contracts.

We want you to be delighted no matter who you buy from.  That is why we offer the following information you need to separate the competent and trustworthy pool builders from the rest.  So before you sign any contracts we suggest you interview the owner in person.  Ask them a series of questions to determine their business stability, competence, credibility and commitment to your satisfaction.  The following questions should give you some terrific insight into the person and company you are about to do business with.

1. Check to see if he owns his own home or is just renting.  A pool builder with strong ties to the area is not likely to leave town quickly.   Ask to visit the owner's pool or a display pool so you can view the products and technical competence before you sign a contract.  This shows they are serious about their business and are more likely to have the financial resources to take care of things if there is a problem and they will be easier to find.

2. Have you, any of your partners or officers ever gone out of business or abandoned a project prior to completion?  Shady pool builders do not like this question since it is easy to check out on the internet.  Too often a smuck in a truck will run into financial trouble and leave pools unfinished then return in a few months, under a new name and start all over again.  The rule of thumb is that your pool builder should have been in business at least five years.  Only the strong and trustworthy will make it past five years, at which point you should not have to worry about their stability.

3. Ask how many years has the owner been building pools and then how long have they have held a business license and a sales tax number.

4. Ask for the names of at least three suppliers that they have done business with for at least three years or more.  If the suppliers have not been paid in full they will tell you about it.  More importantly, if not paid, you may end up paying twice for the same product.

5. How many references can you provide me with along with phone numbers.  You should talk to at least three to determine how they feel about the builder.  Did the builder live up to the contract, go a bit extra and finish on time?

6. Is the builder a member of the APSP and BBB.  Both demand ethical business practices from their members.  The fees to join are not burdensome so there is no reason for a bona fide pool builder not to join.

7. Will your checks be made to the company or to the individual.  When you write a check to a company that is incorporated the bank is required to deposit the check in the builder's account.  This greatly reduces the likelihood that the builder will run off with the money.

8. Ask the builder if he has insurance.  A general liability policy will protect you from lawsuits and other liabilities.  A smuck in a truck may not have this insurance and put you at risk.

9. Ask the name of the insurance company so that you can call to obtain a copy of certificate of insurance.  The certificate should come from the company since a copy furnished by a builder could have been altered.

10. Ask if all necessary work for the pool is included in the contract and if not what are the extras?

11. Ethical pool builders will never quote a firm price without looking at the yard.  Those that do use a bait and switch technique should be avoided.

12. Ask the builder if he furnishes lien waivers from vendors and suppliers to prove they have been paid.  The biggest nightmare is to find suppliers not paid after you have paid the builder in full.

13. Why should I trust you?  If the builder has survived the preceding questions you may have found a good solid pool builder to handle your project.

We hope this list of questions has helped you understand what to look for and what to look out for when choosing a pool builder.

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