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Swimming Pool Opening

Opening your pool for the 2014 season.

Every year around this time customers prepare to open their pools for the season and call with questions from proper water level to auto-cover and chemical questions.  Sometime folks need a refresher on the in's and out's of opening and maintaining a beautiful pool for the season.

1.  Remove all standing water and debris from the pool cover before removing cover.

2.  Bring the water level in the pool half way up the skimmer.

3.  Even under perfect conditions there will be some debris on the bottom of the pool.  Spend a little time removing the debris once you have the water circulating.

4.  Initial chemical balancing is not a difficult process, especially with a fiber glass pool.  You will first shock the water to kill the algae that has accumulated during the off season.  Once the initial shock has worn off test your pool and adjust the chemical balance.

5.  If you have a salt chlorine generator the water will need to be 77 degrees before you can obtain a true reading.  The ideal level is 3500 parts per million.  The sensor in your equipment will read the salt level most accurately at this temperature.  For every 5 degree change from the 77 degree point the sensor will read 200ppm different from actual levels.

As always, you are invited to call us with questions at any time.  Enjoy.

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